who is for?

Who is for?

Alcohol Free Whisky has been recognized as the best Alcohol Free Whisky alternative since its release in 2011.
Alcohol Free Whisky is the 1st alcohol-free alternative to whisky.
It is a sophisticated alcohol free spirits or liquors that contains most of the flavors and burn found in real whisky!
Drink it straight, on the rocks, or as a mixer. 100% alcohol free, with no allergens, no GMO ingredients, gluten-free and zero calories, perfect for athletes and runners, parents and parents-to-be, designated drivers, the sober and all. Add to your bar kit for simple no-alcohol drinks, perfect for when you’re: *driving, *training, *dieting, *parenting, staying out late or getting up early – Ideal for #soberOctober #DryJanuary and more



Since 2011 Alcohol Free Whisky is  100% Alcohol-Free